Want more people in your area to see Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree at near zero cost to you? Put the movie on your local Public Access or PEG TV channel! (PEG=Public Education Government)

What is a Public Access or PEG TV channel?

Public Access channels are available on most cable systems. Usually, they are part of the franchise “deal” your cable company cuts with the local government in order to get the monopoly privilege of operating in your area. So, yes they are a government program, but they are one of the least offensive ones since they are an outlet for free speech and generally are funded by user fees.

How do I get DJVCS on-the-air on my local channel?

4x3Methods vary. You may or may not need to be a member of the channel. Membership is typically free for anyone who lives in the broadcast area. You will likely have to fill out a content submission form and deliver that with a DVD or Flash Drive with the movie on it, typically in 480-line 4×3, Mpeg2 format.

We have prepared the Director’s Cut of the film to those specs and are making it available via Torrent. You can download that torrent here or use this magnet link.

Permission to Broadcast

The Mpeg2 in the torrent is ready-to-air – it uses no copyrighted music and you have our permission to broadcast it. Additionally, it has at the front and on the end, the standard :10 disclaimer that should work with most PEG TV stations. If the Public Access / PEG TV Channel operators question your permission to broadcast the movie, simply show them this webpage as proof.