Most movies have a threat at the front of them from the FBI. We don’t think you should ever feel threatened for sharing Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree. If you’ve ever read the back of our DVD case, you may have noticed the fine print says:

THANK YOU: for buying a copy of this movie. Feel free to screen it for your friends and family or even copy it for them. We’re confident that if they enjoy it, they are likely to buy a copy for themselves or a loved one, so as to inspire future productions like this.

drive_inUnlike the old guard movie industry – we WANT you to show DJVCS to people you know. Or, to total strangers. Whether you want to just show it on your big screen in your home theater, or rent out an actual theater (or drive-in!) and display the film – that would be awesome!

In Keene, we held a real-life premiere at Keene Cinemas. The rental fee of the theater was quite reasonable. We decided on free admission and accepted contributions. However, you can run your screening however you like. Charge for admission and keep any profits, if you like, or show it for free like we did here in Keene. NOTE: If you charge people to show the movie, please only show the Director’s Cut DVD, which uses no copyrighted music. We won’t come after you for showing the original YouTube release, but the recording industry could get pissy.

Either way, let us know via our Facebook page or by emailing ian at when and where yours is going to be and we’ll help get the word out.

Perhaps you own a theater, drive-in, or video rental store – please feel free to sell tickets to our movie or rent the dvd to your customers. Again, we’d love to know via facebook (or via email to ian at if you do, but it’s not a requirement.