540 days in jail for dancing, smoking cannabis, going to court, and riding a bike. “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree”, is a feature-length documentary chronicling liberty activist Derrick J Freeman’s exciting first year of activism in The Shire.

Update 2017-April: Our distributor has ended production of the DVD, which means the disc is currently out-of-print! The last 100 or so discs are still for sale and you can order your DVD on Ebay! It also makes a great gift!

Don’t let the low price fool you into thinking this is some chintzy bargain bin, movie-only DVD. We packed a bunch of special features and hours of bonus content into the disc! We didn’t skimp on costs. We chose a dual-layer disc to ensure the movie’s presentation was high quality and that we had plenty of room for bonuses. It was our goal to offer this to you at the lowest possible price, and we’ve succeeded.

Special Features:

  • Question and Answer Session from the Real-Life Premiere with Derrick J, and Producers Ian Freeman and Beau Davis.
  • Solo Commentary Track with Derrick J
  • Commentary Track with Derrick J and the Producers
  • Movie Trailers


Bonus Content:

  • Hours of Full-Length Activist Videos (DVD-ROM)
  • “Chronic Carols” Songsheets
  • Printable Activist Outreach Material


We’re really proud of this DVD. It’s full of great content at a killer price and allows you to add “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree” to your real-life collection. Oh, and if you haven’t – look close at the bottom message on our DVD’s back cover. We’re grateful to have worked with a DVD distributor cool enough to replace the usual copyright WARNING with our THANK YOU, which reads as follows:

THANK YOU: for buying a copy of this movie. Feel free to screen it for your friends and family or even copy it for them. We’re confident that if they enjoy it, they are likely to buy a copy for themselves or a loved one, so as to inspire future productions like this.

Here’s the pre-release DVD trailer:

Here’s Derrick J announcing the release: