Here are some of the media appearances that Derrick and the production team have had regarding the film:

2019-02-28 – “Destination Unknown” had Derrick J on their show live from Liberty Forum 2019:

2013-03-07 – The Journalistic Revolution, had Derrick J on as a guest:

2013-03-04 – The School Sucks Podcast with Brett Veinotte interviewed Derrick J from the 2013 Liberty Forum.

2013-03-02 – Derrick J was the guest on the No State Project with Marc Stevens. The conversation begins about 22 minutes into the archive.

2013-02-22 – The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast featured Derrick J as the interviewee with host Michael Dean.

2013-02-13 – Derrick J sits in for Angel on the Angel Clark Show:

2013-02-10 – Peace, Love, Liberty Radio with Darryl Perry has Derrick J on to discuss the movie and Peace News Now, among other things:

2013-02-07 – Ernest Hancock interviews Derrick J on “Declare your Independence“. Here’s the audio:

2013-01-21 – Derrick J joins Bad Quaker for his podcast!

2013-01-03 – Free Talk Live had Derrick J on to announce the release date of the Director’s Cut DVD! It’s the first segment of this show:

2012-09-24 – Adam VS the Man is bringing Derrick J onboard his production team to work on his new liberty-oriented comedy news show. It’s Derrick’s first stop on his Exile Tour. This week, he appeared on the first live episode of Adam’s new weekday podcast. Download the archive here.

2012-09-20 – School Sucks Project had Derrick J on to discuss his film and activism with co-star and activist Michele Seven. Download the archive here.

2012-09-17 – Derrick J was a producer and star of Free Keene TV during its run and then it evolved into Shire TV, and he sat in as a guest on the episode before he left Keene for his Exile Tour. See the episode here.

2012-09-14 – Free Talk Live has for a long time had Derrick J on as a co-host, and this episode was his final appearance before heading out on his Exile Tour.

2012-09-12 – Decline to State had Derrick J on their internationally-recorded podcast. Download the archive here.

2012-08-17 – The Angel Clark Show interviewed Derrick J live from Lemonade Freedom Day festivities in DC. Derrick is heard in the last segment of the show. Download the archive here.

2012-08-01 – The Freedom Feens interviewed Derrick J for their podcast. Derrick is heard near the very beginning of the show. Download the archive here.

2012-07-31 – Flaming Freedom, an LGBT liberty-oriented radio show, interviewed Executive Producer Ian Freeman. Ian appears in the second half of the show.Download the archive here.

Are you a member of the media who would like to interview Derrick J? You can reach him and the production team by emailing thederrickj at or ian at for Executive Producer Ian Freeman, and freetheagora at for Editor Beau Davis.