On September 15th, 2012 at 9:45am the movie premiered in real life, on the big screen at Keene Cinemas! After the film we held a question-and-answer session with Derrick J and the production team. Admission was free and we accepted donations to cover the cost of renting the theater. Including the online chipin and the real-life contributions we more than covered the cost!

Derrick J made his arrival to an applauding crowd in an… unusual vehicle:

To incentivize more contributions we did a limited print run of five movie posters and raffled two of them off to an real-life and online winner. Congratulations to Michele Seven and Carolyn Jane!

Here’s raw video of the drawing at the premiere. Later in the day we prepared the online raffle (video) and then drew the winner (video). We then called Carolyn and surprised her with the news (video). That’s Michele in the photo on the left. To make the posters even more unique, Derrick J autographed them for the winners.

Following the premiere, we had a “bring your own” lunch in the beautiful Ashuelot Park (video) with the production crew and attendees. A good time was had by all and it was nice to see new faces as folks had come down from Vermont that had not seen the film before – they loved it!

Nearly 50 attended from Keene, Manchester, Vermont, and even Arizona. Not bad for zero promotional budget and a Saturday morning! Thanks to everyone who came out and those who contributed online to help with the cost!

Despite Derrick J taking the time to hand-craft invitations to the Keene Police (video), only Jason Short came by for a short visit (video).

Wondering how you can have your own real-life screening for DJVCS? Here’s how!

Here’s Derrick J and executive producer Ian Freeman greeting guests at the theater and guests gathering for conversations outside the theater after the premiere, before lunch: